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Driver's Education Classes

Tri-County Driving School is a licensed driving school within the state of Georgia (GA License #380). Our driving instructors are certified by the Georgia Department of Driver Services and provide quality classroom instruction and effective behind-the-wheel training. Taking this course is the best way to prepare your teenager or yourself to safely navigate the highways. The course is offered on a continuous basis, so you can come when it is convenient for you.

Our driver's education course meets the requirements for Joshua’s Law and consists of 30 hours of instruction, including six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. The 30 hours of classroom instruction consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction and a six-hour defensive driving course that if you wish, includes one parent. This enables not just your child to receive an insurance deduction but yourself as well.

It is best if a student takes driver’s education as soon as possible after turning fifteen. That way, the student learns to drive correctly and doesn't pick up bad habits that can cause problems later. It is important to know that the number one cause of accidental teenage death is car accidents. We teach best practices so the chance of avoiding a collision is reduced.
During the classroom instruction, the student will learn about traffic laws, rules, regulations, signs, signals and markings and how emotions, drugs and alcohol affect driving and defensive driving techniques. The classroom portion is intended to teach students in small groups with one instructor. 
Behind-the-wheel instruction is a one-on-one instruction based on private training with a qualified instructor. The in-car private driving time is set up around the student's schedule and driving ability. The course is delivered in three two-hour sessions. All cars are equipped with an instructor side brake and meet the requirements of the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Tri-County Driving teaches the proper procedures for all physical maneuvers on the highway: stopping, steering, turning, backing, parking, turn-a-bouts, merging, and lane changing in city, rural and interstate driving situations. 
By choosing Tri-County Driving, your benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:
Insurance Discount under Georgia law O.C.G.A. 33-9-42(c)(3), a mandatory 10% reductions for 3 years in insurance premiums shall be available to licensed drivers under 25 years of age if they have a clean driving record and have successfully completed a 30- and 6-course by an accredited school. 
Georgia Tax Credit effective January 1, 2001, under code section 48-7-29.5(a), if a dependent minor child of a Georgia taxpayer completes our driver education program, the taxpayer is entitled to a TAX CREDIT of $150.00 using Georgia Department of Revenue Form IND-CR. A copy of the Certificate of Completion and proof of the fees paid for the course will be required to qualify for the credit. The amount of the credit is equal to $150.00 or the actual amount paid, whichever is less. Courses taken at private or public high schools do not qualify for this credit. 
DDS Road Testing Program: The Georgia Department of Driver Services has licensed the Program and its specially trained examiners as a state-approved testing facility to administer the road test needed for teens to receive their Class D Georgia driver’s license. This service is available only for our students that have completed and passed the 30/6 driver’s education course. Upon successful completion of the road test, the student will be given a certificate to take with them to the Driver Services complex to receive their license. An appointment there is not needed. 
With the insurance premium savings and the $150.00 tax credit, most parents will save close to the full driver education program tuition the first year their teenager obtains a driver's license.
The cost is $425.00 for the total course and $350.00 for behind-the-wheel driving only. Give us a call; we can help you get your license in a very short time. 

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